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Get Your Fuel Delivered Anywhere in Australia!

Utilize our industry leading fuel trucker & tanker fleet for your fuel transportation needs. Burk Fuel will safely handle and transport your fuel on the cheap to and from anywhere in Australia including but not limited to wet and dry ports, urban centers or remote rural areas. We provide you with exceptional services to meet your demanding schedule.

With our technologically driven fleet, vigorously trained veteran staff and highly professional solutions, Burk Fuel will provide you with the quality of service that you truly deserve!


  • State-of-the-Art Fleet

  • First Aid and Fuel Safety Training

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

  • WAHVA Accreditation

  • Logistics Certificate 3

  • Fit to Drive Accreditation

Economics of scale allows Burk fuel to provide you with the guaranteed one of the cheapest prices in Australia on all fuel cargo transportation services.

Bulk Fuel maintains and utilizes the best available fleet in Australia. Our well maintained Volvo fleet not only lowers transportation costs but also ensures your fuel arrives reliably and always on-time.

Our staff and teams are our greatest resources. Trained to cater and provide you the best services possible while being smart, quick, resourceful, dedicated, friendly and approachable. Paired with our industry-leading technology, we provide you with tools to work with that are unrivaled by our competition.

At Burk Fuel we develop and harness the best in cutting edge technology to enable us to operate efficiently and provide services like never before. Our utilization of technology enables us to pass down it’s ultimate benefits to you.

In an increasingly dynamic and ever evolving environment, Burk Fuel’s teams, systems and solutions are built from the ground up to be highly scalable and quickly adaptable to any situation or requirement regardless of how challenging it may be. This enables us to give you a personalized solution to very effectively meet your requirements.


At Burk Fuel, we value human life and property beyond everything else. Operating in an industry that primarily deals with and handles highly hazardous and flammable materials requires very special attention to detail and stringent standard operating procedures. Burk Fuel makes it’s first priority the safety and health of it’s clients, employees, passersby and other people around us. We also take diligent care in ensuring that any potential damage to anyone’s property is avoided.

In the case of an unfortunate disaster, Burk Fuel always has an emergency response team standing by. Our response team always ready for a quick deployment to the disaster site and is specially trained in dealing with petroleum and fuel related emergencies and procedures.


While our competition simply tracks locations, Burk Fuel goes beyond that. Burk Fuel utilizes modern industrial GPS/GSM tracking solutions and continuous monitoring systems to receive and deliver live status updates of our entire fleet.

Our operations center continuously monitors our fleet and traffic conditions 24/7 to route, manage and assist it. This enables us to provide you with exact delivery times and complete status reports while eliminating any costly delays.

  • Customer Is Always Right Attitude
  • Longlasting Relationships Built on Trust
  • Dependability Everyday
  • Always Striving to Continuously Outperform
  • Complete Transparency
  • Regular Feedback and Satisfaction Reports
  • Can-do Mentality


274 Gnangara Road, Landsdale WA 6065

Transport Enquires

08 6205 9908

Corporate Helpline

08 6205 9900

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