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We are your trusted fuel solution

We are committed to providing flexible fuel options that will enable your vehicle’s journey to hit the road in no time. More than just fuel delivery is what we do. Through our diesel stops, we provide fuel delivery, storage, pumping, and bulk fuel management, and we meet your on-road needs. With advanced usage of technology, we at Burk Fuel ensure people get the real value of what they are paying for.
Our ability to create and improve our logistics solutions is made possible by our special performance metrics. We work towards collaborating with the consumer to anticipate their needs. Additionally, with unique procedures and systems in place, our team endures serving the market effectively. Instead of reacting to what might happen, Burk Fuel focuses on foreseeing and even catalyse! Let us handle the fuelling for you so that you can concentrate on what matters — driving safe.

We get work done systematically

Security and reliability are what will make you trust us and this is where we prosper. By adhering to all rules and regulations, we have built a team who have industry exposure to serve each customer’s need. They are the pro workers, who use technology at their fingertips so that there is no space for discontent. Moreover, safety and precaution are maintained to the notch by our operators as they take responsibility for their acts and omissions.
Before serving people, each technology and quality of the fuel is checked promptly assuring to perpetuate the environment banner. We constantly toil towards nurturing a safe work environment for promoting supreme performance and well-being.

How we do it

We are aware that the best business strategy is a happy customer and we flip every page of the book to maintain that. With quality products and services, we preserve a good bonding with our team and customers. Excelling in keeping our promises made for a long time, we compare and impose the best market price for fuels before seeing off each customer from the fuel station.


274 Gnangara Road, Landsdale WA 6065

Transport Enquires

08 6205 9908

Corporate Helpline

08 6205 9900

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