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Premium Fuel & Products for Your Vehicle

If engine performance, reliability and efficiency matter to you, look no further; Burk Fuel provides you with the smooth and dependable driving experience that you are looking for.

Find a unique range of products, at Burk Fuel service stations and retail outlets, for motorists who care about their vehicle and want a fuel that burns clean and efficiently while protecting their engine.


Our extensive network of Burk Fuel owned and operated service stations “Perks by Burk”, fuel retail outlets and sites expand all across Australia.

Burk Fuel provides you with the ultimate convenience and service wherever you need it. You can find our service stations along many popular routes frequented by everyday motorists, tankers and trucks delivering freight cargo and goods all across the country.


After safety, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you’re an everyday motorist, on a motorcycle or driving a car, jeep or pickup truck, or if you’re a seasoned professional driver, in a van, bus, truck, or any other heavy vehicle, Burk Fuel provides you with unmatched exceptional services.

At our service stations, we ensure that you always leave a little happier every time

  • Safety Always First SOPs
  • Facilities for a Comfortable Journey
  • High Quality & High Efficiency Products
  • Economical Costs
  • Helpful & Friendly Staff
  • High Flow Pumps


At Burk Fuel, we go well beyond the basics and provide you with all the comforts and luxuries that you may require at one convenient location. With state-of-the-art facilities, we provide something for everyone ranging from professional truckers to entire families.

You can trust in us to make your road transport journeys easier, safer, more efficient and pleasurable.

  • Driver Lounges & Resting Areas
  • Hot & Cold Showers
  • Bathrooms & Diaper Stations
  • Convenience Stores​
  • Beverages & Hot Meals
  • Vehicle Maintenance Stations


274 Gnangara Road, Landsdale WA 6065

Transport Enquires

08 6205 9908

Corporate Helpline

08 6205 9900

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